Industrial Camera for Factory Automation: GigE uEye FA

The GigE uEye FA manufactured by IDS is an extremely robust industrial camera ideal factory automation. This industrial camera is available with Gigabit Ethernet interface. The prerequisites for protection code IP65/67 are met by the camera housing, lens barrels, and connectors, and these components also protect the industrial camera from cleaning agents, water splashes, dirt, or dust, and also unintentional shifting of the optics. The most challenging industry requirements are fulfilled by the screw-on connectors. An 8-pin M12 connection with X coding for data transmission, an 8-pin Binder connector for GPIO and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) are available. A variety of accessories, including cables suitable for use as drag chains, and a wide range of screw-on options allow integration and enhance versatility.

Ideal for multi-camera operation: Image acquisition is decoupled from image transfer by an incorporated image memory. Internal camera operations such as pixel preprocessing, LUT, or gamma reduce the processing power required.

Only with IDS: Users opting for cameras of the new GigE uEye FA series will have the freedom to choose between the renowned IDS Software Suite or support of the GigE Vision standard. With the unique IDS software, users also experience real USB plug and play, even for GigE cameras. The cameras are automatically detected in the system and are ready for immediate use.


The key advantages of the GigE uEye FA are as follows:

  • Pixel preprocessing
  • Protection code IP65/67
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • GigE Vision or IDS Software Suite
  • 120 MB of internal image memory
  • 8-pin M12 connection with X coding
  • 8-pin Binder connector for GPIO, trigger and flash


The main applications of the GigE uEye FA are listed below:

  • Factory automation
  • Machine vision
  • Quality assurance

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