Particle Size Analyzer - S3500

The Microtrac S3500 is the first particle size analyzer that uses three red laser diodes that are precisely positioned in order to accurately characterize particles like never before. Accurate, reliable and repeatable particle size analysis is provided by the patented Tri-Laser System for a variety of applications by utilizing the proprietary principle of Modified Mie calculations for non-spherical particles and the proven theory of Mie compensation for spherical particles. The S3500 can measure particle size from 0.02 to 2800 µm.

Want an integrated method to measure particle morphology? More about Microtrac’s Visual Validation solution, the PartAn SI, is provided in the presentation below.

Applications for the Microtrac S3500

The main applications of the Microtrac S3500 are as follows:

  • Academic research
  • Cement manufacturing
  • Chemicals
  • Polymers
  • Geological research
  • Coatings
  • Pigments
  • Metals/metal powders
  • Beverages/food
  • Pharmaceuticals/biotechnology

Microtrac S3500 Features

The key features of the Microtrac S3500 include:

  • Dry and wet measurements
  • Small bench footprint
  • Measurement capability from 0.02 to 2800 µm
  • Fixed detectors and lasers
  • Tri–laser, red, multi-detector, multi-angle optical system
  • Algorithms that utilize Modified Mie calculations and Mie compensation for non-spherical particles
  • Enclosed optical path guarantees complete protection of the optical components leading to no or little operator intervention

Microtrac S3500 Benefits

The key benefits of the Microtrac S3500 are listed below:

  • Fixed detectors assure accurate positioning and provide rugged durability
  • Small bench footprint reduces the demand of valuable laboratory space
  • Seamless transition from wet to dry measurement decreases down time
  • Utilizing three red lasers brings about an increase in the range of measurement, providing users with the flexibility to conduct analysis on a wide range of samples
  • Proprietary Modified Mie calculations enables users to accurately measure complex particles that other particle analyzers find difficult to characterize in an accurate manner

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