NOVA Rheometer from REOLOGICA Instruments

NOVA Rheometer from REOLOGICA Instruments features a unique "Net- Zero" bias bearing system. This null balance system allows for Nano-Torque and Nano-Strain measurement control and analysis.

  • Also featured is an innovative, low inertia, drag cup motor utilizing "Feed Forward" strain and shear rate control.

  • The Torque is from 3 nNm to 200 mNm. It is possible to extend this to 1 nNm on the low end and 230 mNm at the high end for certain test parameters.

  • Strain Resolution is 0.01 µrad.

Additional Features:

  • "Auto-Detect" Measuring Systems, Video & Image Software

  • High Performance Open-Source Instrument Control Software.

  • Also featured are patented Differential Pressure Normal Force Sensor, a Camera Viewer, Ethernet Communication, High-Speed USB port and RheoExplorer V6 software.


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