Thin Film Deposition – Electron Beams, Sputter Sources, Accessories and Materials

The new Thin Film Products, the most recent product line launched by MDC Vacuum Products, are designed to meet all thin film deposition requirements.

MDC offers a broad selection of deposition sources, materials and accessories to assist with evaporation and sputtering processes.

Thin Film Evaporation Sources and Accessories

MDC evaporation products comprise of a full line of e-Vap® electron beam and Re-Vap™ thermal resistive evaporation components.

Engineered with advanced software keeping current manufacturing processes in mind, MDC’s evaporation products are the superior performing ones in the industry. From the world’s most advanced magnetic systems to the newest in digital programmable supplies and controllers, MDC evaporation products are the ideal choice for user’s process.

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Thin Film Sputtering Sources and Accessories

MDC’s sputtering series comprises of planar magnetron sputter cathodes.

Known for its ease of use, simplicity and resulting high reliability, the MDC sputter source has been built to provide the smallest profile possible and deliver higher deposition rates than any other comparable sputter sources. MDC thin film sputter deposition products are the appropriate choice for user’s process with a complete range of both standard and custom configurations.

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Thin Film Materials

MDC delivers a variety of high-purity, thin film deposition materials. From advanced R&D needs to large production needs, MDC provides a comprehensive range of solutions.

MDC materials product line, ranging from high-purity PVD sputtering targets to evaporation materials, covers the periodic table.

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