Touchscreen, Stepper Motor Controllers for Vacuum Systems

MDC’s latest 4.3” touchscreen controllers are compatible with all standard stepper motor options for linear, rotary and XYZ stages. The controller package includes everything users need to drive a MDC motorized feedthrough.

All cables and connections are pre-terminated to work in unison for an effortless and simple installation. Controllers are offered in single axis or three axis versions.

They can be programmed to provide output commands directly to the motor or can be connected to a computer via RS485 with options for RS232, Ethernet, USB or DeviceNet™ connections. These controllers are the perfect solution for precision motion applications.

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  • Computer interface: RS485 and controlled via ASCII command set
  • Universal input power: 90-264VAC, 47-63 Hz, 200 Peak (125W For Single Axis) CE/UL (UL60950-1, TUV EN60950-1 approved)
  • Up To 256x micro-stepping, Selectable via software
  • Driver specifications: 2A peak phase, max current scalable in 60ma increments
  • Dynamic torque control when used with MDC compatible motors
  • Set points: 10 user selectable with dedicated acceleration and speed profiles
  • 4 TTL compatible inputs (+5VDC, TVS protected, Schmitt Trigger) 2 TTL outputs (optically isolated)

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