MFC Gas Stick – Control Mass Flow, Volume Flow and Pressure - XPressStick™

The new XpressStick™ MFC gas stick is manufactured by MDC Gas Delivery Products. It is the missing link between pressurized gas and a vacuum chamber.

Processes which include a mixture of specialty gases, precise regulation, pressure and vacuum require an understanding of several disciplines. This, coupled with proper hardware selection, can make an apparently simple task complicated. With the XpressStick™, users now have the ability to easily program a precise gas control system, thereby allowing them to go from bottle to process in a single simple step.

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Key Features

  • Stand alone MFC gas stick
  • Fully function and leak tested with certifications
  • Designed to meet ultra-high purity process requirements
  • Upgrade compatible for corrosive gases
  • 2.75” Del-Seal™ CF flange connection standard
  • Alicat MCE mass flow controller for precise programming of gases and flow rates
  • Rugged bracket for stable mounting of MFC, shut-off valve, tubing and fittings

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