PXi/PXi Touch Multi-Application Gel Imaging System

The PXi range comprises of new multi-application, high resolution image analysis systems. The new design is easy to use, compact and offers complete automation in the capture of fluorescent and chemiluminescent blots, visible gels and blots and also 2D gels.

PXi/PXi Touch systems are available in three versions with a 4, 6 or 9 million pixel camera and appropriate lens. PXi Access is available with a 6 or 9 million pixel camera and suitable lens. The high performance cameras allow the system to have excellent sensitivity.

It is thus possible to effortlessly image and capture faint fluorescent bands and chemiluminescence blots. The PXi Access and PXi Touch have their own in-built processors and screens, while the PXi is used with an external PC.

The PXi range can be employed for different applications. A number of lighting options can be utilized including Red light, IR illumination, Green light, Blue light and the UltraSlim blue LED transilluminator.

An integral 7 position filter wheel can accommodate a variety of Syngene filters. The systems are controlled by the renowned GeneSys acquisition and capture software. Using its vast database, GeneSys can automatically configure PXi/PXi Touch/PXi Access to capture any type of image.

This high performance range has been designed such that it will be able to excel at a wide variety of applications and therefore makes the perfect workstation for all busy laboratories. Its ease of use will attract an increasing number of users working across numerous fields while its sleek styling compliments any laboratory.

Why Buy this Product?


The PXi range offers superior sensitivity that has the potential of imaging a wide range of applications. Image quality is excellent whether users are working with fluorescent blots and gels, chemiluminescent blots, 2D gels and IR gels. No other system on the market offers this level of control that is provided by GeneSys control software. The PXi range is considered to be the first ideal choice if individuals are looking out for high performance and high quality.

High Specification

At the heart of the PXi range is a new generation of camera - 4, 6 or 9 million pixels, giving the system exceptional sensitivity. The cameras are cooled to allow the usage of longer exposures, which can be a necessity for chemiluminescence and for a few fluorescence applications. The greater sensitivity guarantees that even faint blots or gels can be imaged with the PXi/PXi Touch/PXi Access.


The PXi range is capable of using a variety of lighting options including plug and play LED modules for Green, Blue, Red and IR light. These novel lighting systems provide the user with the ability to carry out colored fluorescent, colorimetric and multiplex imaging.

The new UltraSlim blue LED transilluminator provides users with the perfect solution for imaging ‘safe dyes’, and the new PXi UV transilluminator is considered to be the suitable solution for imaging stain-free gels and blots. The PXi Access and PXi Touch have their own built-in processor and screen, but the PXi is used with an external PC.

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