Diode Array Detector for HPLC - AZURA DAD 2.1L

The AZURA DAD 2.1L is a very competitive diode array detector which integrates high performance with easy handling at a cost-effective price.

A broad range of easily exchangeable cartridge flow cells in this device makes it the ideal choice for quick, standard analytical, semi-preparative and preparative separations with stainless or bio-inert steel wetted parts.

Advanced total reflection flow cells (LightGuide technology) are available for this device offering highest light throughput (because of total internal reflection) with limited peak dispersion (because of the small cell volume) to confirm an optimized S/N ratio.

An optional fiber optics adapter provides the possibility to separate the flow cell spatially from the device and thus enhancing security for toxic, hazardous or explosive work processes, as well as protecting the device from leakages at high flow rates.

The recently developed optical unit and intelligent temperature management guarantee maximum sensitivity coupled with minimal baseline drift. Moreover, easy frontal access and enhanced safety features enable easy lamp replacement. This eases maintenance and ensures short downtimes.

The DAD 2.1L is installed with a deuterium lamp which spans a wavelength range from 190 to 700 nm. This detector can be regulated with ClarityChrom®, Chromeleon® , OpenLab® EZChrom and PurityChrom® software, as well as with the Mobile Control software (stand-alone operation), via LAN or through analog input/output, allowing it to be incorporated into virtually any LC system.

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Key Features

  • Remote flow cells available (fiber optics)
  • Wide application range
  • Impressive sensitivity
  • User friendly
  • Attractively priced

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