Spectrophotometer for HPLC - AZURA UV/VIS Detector 2.1L

The AZURA UV/VIS Detector UVD 2.1L is a competitively priced HPLC spectrophotometer ideal for regular HPLC applications including rapid LC methods. This robust detector offers exceptional technical specifications and also features a compact and highly flexible design.

The UVD 2.1L is available with an installed deuterium lamp, which covers a wavelength range from 190 to 750 nm. It is possible to control this detector with ChromGate®, OpenLab® EZChrom and ClarityChrom® software, and also with the Mobile Control software (stand-alone operation), via LAN or through analog input/output; allowing it to be incorporated into almost any LC system.

A smart design allows the flow cell to be effortlessly accessible and changed rapidly. Users can choose from a variety of flow cells for preparative or analytical LC applications with flow rates from 10 µl/min up to 10 l/min.

Key Features

  • Leak management
  • Variable single wavelength
  • Large choice of flow cells
  • Optional touch display available
  • Wavelength range from 190 - 750 nm
  • Flow rates from 10 µl/min up to 10 l/min

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