Automated HPLC Separation of Organic Acids, Carbohydates and Alcohols - System Sugar Analytic

Organic acids, carbohydrates and alcohols are important in the manufacture of many biofuels, foods and pharmaceuticals. The System Sugar Analytic is a dedicated system specially designed to separate and examine these compounds.

The superior AZURA refractive index detector RID 2.1L with an exceptional linear range and sensitivity is considered to be the heart of this system. More systems components include the column thermostat CT 2.1 and the isocratic AZURA pump P 6.1L for delivery of small flow rates (0.001 -10 ml/min) and pressure up to 700 bar.

This price attractive system has been developed to run rapid and simple methods that enable simultaneous determination of sugars alcohols and organic acids. Therefore, an interesting application refers to the analysis of all major wine compounds for quality control.

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