Switching and Injection Valves for HPLC

KNAUER valves require very little bench space due to their compact dimensions. Valves are universal in all HPLC applications. Two-position valves are used mainly for injections, but can be employed for complex switching systems as well. Multi-position valves are used for eluent selection, fraction collection or column switching.

KNAUER valve drives feature a short switching time of 150 ms to reduce pressure surges during an operation. There are several ways of control: Directly via software with LAN, via keypad on the device, or RS-232 connection or via analog control.

Electrical valves

Electrical valves can be used for a number of HPLC injection and switching tasks.

Manual Valves

Knauer’s switching and injection valves are available in a wide range of different materials and specifications.

Valve Heads

Knauer offers an extensive range of valve heads in PEEK and stainless steel with 1/8" or 1/16" connectors.

Sample Loops

Sample loops for preparative or analytical HPLC in stainless steel or PEEK, with different connections, from 2 µl to 150 ml volume.

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