Help Developing a Robust HPLC Method - Applications and Development Services from KNAUER

Knauer offers an application and method development service enabling customers to select a suitable system for their lab.

This service will enable customers to separate substances by HPLC in order to qualify, quantify or even purify without spending too much time in developing an ideal method. An efficient FPLC or HPLC method is prepared according to particular customer specifications, and advice for an appropriate sample preparation is also offered.

The project is split into several phases in order to ensure transparency about the project status. The current situation and detailed progress are discussed with the customers after each phase. Customers will finally receive the optimum result with complete agreement on both sides. Knauer offers:

1. Proof of Concept:

Customers can send their standards, and Knauer will recommend the most fitting LC system, an appropriate column and the optimum method parameters.

2. All in One Solution:

With the analytes and sample matrix, Knauer will provide a feasibility study, the complete analytical method, a recommended sample preparation and data evaluation.

Method Transfer and Optimization for Optimized Quality and Speed

Customers who intend to perform their analyzes in a faster and more efficient and cost effective manner can obtain support from Knauer’s profound expertise and experience in liquid chromatography. The team assists in transferring LC methods and applications.

1. Method Transfer

Knauer investigates the transfer of the method to one of its HPLC systems. Complex separations can specifically cause problems when transferring them to a different system. Knauer ensures consistent and continuous quality after the transfer.

2. Method Optimization

The use of ultra-pure solvents in HPLC will help increase the expenses of an analysis substantially. A shift from classic HPLC columns to smaller particle size and smaller inner diameters could cut costs enormously since considerably less solvent is needed. Knauer optimizes and transfers the LC analyzes in order to attain identical, or even faster and better results, and also reduce operating costs and eluent consumption.

Rent an Expert to Assist You in Your Own Lab

Some of the numerous chromatographic challenges are solved in a much better manner in the labs of the customers and with their own HPLC equipment.

Customers can simply order a specialist for assistance in their labs. In order to develop the best procedure for the HPLC/FPLC or even purification challenge, Knauer will help customers to develop a concept in advance.


Customized HPLC Training from Beginners to Experienced Level

KNAUER has successfully been conducting trainings for distributors, customers and sales staff for many years. The company’s key objective is to make every trainee familiar with the most recent chromatographic technologies.

They offer HPLC trainings from beginners to experienced level courses, and also provides specialization courses, for example, in preparative HPLC or UHPLC, for qualified personnel.

Regular HPLC courses and individual trainings for special subjects are offered by the KNAUER Academy.

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