AutoFlow BET+™: Fully Automated Dynamic Flow System for Rapid Surface Area Analysis

The AutoFlow BET+™ from Quantachrome Instruments is a completely automated advanced dynamic flow system built to enable a very fast evaluation of the surface areas of solid samples. Single-point or multi-point determination of surface areas using a variety of standard techniques (such as STSA and BET) is easily performed without the requirement for re-calibrating signal responses or measuring system void volumes.

The instrument comprises of one control module and one, two or three autonomous analysis stations. The control module features a touchscreen and accommodates three built-in sample preparation stations. Pure gas inputs (krypton or nitrogen as adsorbates and helium as carrier) or, optionally, premixed gases are automatically mixed to the preferred target concentrations using built-in mass flow controllers. The system also has unique MEMS-TCD sensors and all standard accessories required for its operation.


Exceptional Speed

  • Multi-point BET areas in < 15 minutes/sample
  • Single point BET areas in < 5 minutes/sample
  • No need for pre or post calibration

Superior Throughput

  • Up to 3 multi-point BET areas in < 15 minutes
  • Up to 3 single point BET areas in < 5 minutes
  • Up to 36 BET area analyzes per hour

Widest Analytical Range

  • Isotherm data between 0.005 and 0.95 P/Po
  • Surface areas between 0.1 and >3,000 m2/g
  • Surface areas as low as 0.05 m2 in cell with Kr

Built-In Sample Preparation

  • Three independently programmable degassers
  • Adjustable flows and fast-cooling slots
  • Maximum degas temperature 350 °C (450 °C optional)

Software Capabilities

  • Ethernet and remote access
  • Supports 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Multiple language options

Technical Specifications

Feature Feature Detail Specification
Accuracy Percent of Target ± 1% *
Repeatability Same Sample in Same Station ± 0.2%
Reproducibility Between Different Units ± 0.5%
Lower Limit BET Surface Area [m2/g] 0.01
Upper Limit BET Surface Area [m2/g] No limit
Lower Limit N2 Surface Area [m2] 0.1
Lower Limit N2 Surface Area [m2] 350
Lower Limit Kr Surface Area [m2] 0.05
Speed Single Point BET, 1 sample [minutes] < 5
Speed Single Point BET, 3 samples [minutes] 5
Speed 3-Point BET, 1 sample [minutes] < 15
Speed 3-Point BET, 3 samples [minutes] 15
Degasser Max. Temp. Degree Celsius [˚C] 350 (450**)
Sample Capacity Per Analysis Station One Cell
Analysis Stations Per Control Module up to 3
Multiple System Paths Per Control Module 3
Mass Flow Controllers Per Analysis Station 2
Pressure Sensors Per Analysis Station 1

* As compared to vacuum/volumetric data.
** Optional, using quartz glassware.

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