The Nanowire Grid Polarizers for UV, VIS and NIR Region

PIKE Technologies launches an innovative new group of high-contrast polarizers covering the Vis to NIR region and the UV region. Using nanofabricating methods, wire grid lines at a 100 nm pitch are etched on glass substrate or fused silica producing a high-performance polarizer. In contrast to a traditional calcite polarizer, the large acceptance angle of the nanowire grid polarizer, greater than 20 degrees, simplifies alignment concerns during use. Furthermore, the compact size makes these polarizers suitable for use in narrow/tight spaces. The element diameter is 25 mm and has a clear aperture of 19 mm. The polarizer fits a 2 x 3 inch slide mount.


  • Thin profile
  • High transmission and high contrast choices
  • Large acceptance angle, up to 20 degrees
  • Manual and automated versions available

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