Standard, Electropolished Cylindrical Chambers

MDC’s Standard Horizontal Cylindrical Chambers offer versatility for a variety of applications where this is the preferred configuration to meet the application requirement.

The standard designs are an 18" diameter vessel constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum and a 24" diameter vessel constructed from 304 L stainless steel. Both versions are available with a Viton® sealed quick opening hinged door for effortless access to the interior of the chamber. A wide range of different size access ports have been added in order to accommodate connections for a number of devices such as analytical instruments, pumps, motion and or electrical feedthroughs, vacuum measurement gauges, viewports and other accessories.

The stainless steel chamber is provided with Del-Seal™ metal sealing flanged, and the aluminum version is available with ISO KF and LF port flanges. Both versions are designed to include support feet in order to facilitate simple mounting to one of MDC’s standard frames or directly to the working surface.

MDC’s standard cylindrical chambers are designed for high vacuum service but it is possible to effortlessly configure the stainless steel version for UHV service by replacing the Viton® sealing front door with a wire sealing flange and then changing the O-ring viewport to a Del-Seal™ flanged viewport. All machined components and sealing flanges have a standard 64 micro-inch surface finish. Seal surfaces are machined with a 32 micro-inch concentric finish ideal for vacuum applications.

Sealing and fastening hardware can be located under the individual size flange in the Flanges and Fittings section of the MDC catalog or on the website.

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Standard Features

  • Frame mounting feet
  • Electropolished surface finish
  • Hinged door for quick and easy access to interior
  • 24" body constructed from 304L stainless steel
  • 18" body constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum

Standard Options

  • Support Frame with leveling feet, p/n 220008
  • Frame options available:
    • Working surface and lower shelf
    • Instrumentation mounting rack
    • Swivel casters and leveling feet
  • Double jacket water-cooling of the main cylinder
  • Vertical orientations can also be configured
  • Alternate port options and locations available
  • Larger or smaller cylindrical diameters can be configured
  • UHV configuration with wire sealing front door and metal flanges (stainless steel version only)

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