Stainless Steel Box Chambers for Vacuum Systems

MDC Standard Box Chambers are available in two size configurations that offer rapid access to the inside through a hinged access front door. The doors are O-ring sealed and constructed from light weight aluminum. These chambers are versatile in design and can be used for a variety of deposition applications, analytical studies and also other research related experiments.

Box chambers are available in either a 12" sq x 18" tall or 24" sq x 30" tall configuration. They are built from 304L stainless steel. Both versions are available with a wide range of access ports of varied sizes in order to accommodate connection to different experimental devices, analytical instruments, electrical and motion feedthroughs, viewports, vacuum measurement gauge tubes and other accessories.

Box chambers are welded out of plate stock that has adequate thickness in order to avoid deflection. The plates are mechanically polished or surface ground to remove mill scale, providing an exceptional surface condition that minimizes surface area. Final cleaning of the chamber surface is performed by electropolishing and removing any trace residue from the manufacturing process, thus leaving the vacuum surface with a chromium rich condition permitting rapid pumpdown.

All 2-3/4 inch Del-Seal™ flanged ports are linked to the chamber with oversized 1-3/4 inch outside diameter tubing in order to provide maximum apertures and enable the installation of bigger devices. During construction, all access ports are precision aligned with a helium-neon laser.

Standard Features

  • Electropolished surface finish
  • Frame mounting feet
  • 304L Stainless Steel body
  • Aluminum hinged door for effortless access to interior

Standard Options

  • Support Frame with leveling feet, p/n 220008
  • Frame options available
    • Working surface and lower shelf
    • Swivel casters and leveling feet
    • Instrumentation mounting rack
  • Trace water-cooling
  • Alternate sizes can be configured
  • Alternate port sizes available

Fastening and sealing hardware, including bolt sets and copper gaskets, are available under the individual size flange in the Flanges and Fittings section of the MDC catalog or on the website.

12" SQ X 18" TALL BOX CHAMBER 207 CHAM-B-12 220003
24" SQ X 30" TALL BOX CHAMBER 930 CHAM-B-24 220004

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