Bell Jars and Feedthrough Collars for Vacuum Systems

Stainless Steel Bell Jars

Jars MDC stainless steel bell jars are designed for use with MDC baseplates, feedthrough collars and base wells. A dovetail groove in the jar’s base flange holds a Viton® elastomer gasket, which allows the vacuum to seal with one of the forementioned components.

All stainless steel bell jars are attached to a four inch view diameter Pyrex® viewport. All vacuum welds are internal and provide UHV compatibility. All bell jars are attached to a lift-ring or hoist that is welded to the chamber’s domed top for added convenience. It is possible to buy these chambers with an optional electropolished finish.

Feedthrough Collars

MDC feedthrough collars are used for expanding the capabilities of standard bell jars by providing radially oriented access ports. Four, eight, or eighteen ports fitted with either ISO KF NW40 Kwik-Flange™ or 2-3/4 inch Del-Seal™ CF metal seal flanges are available. These ports accept a wide range of standard MDC vacuum components such as fluid, electrical and motion feedthroughs. Installation of a feedthrough collar also needs the use of an MDC baseplate.

The feedthrough collar is placed between the baseplate and a bell jar. The feedthrough collar / baseplate seal is made with either a circular cross section elastomer or an L-gasket, depending on which collar model is used. The feedthrough collar seal is developed from an L-gasket elastomer. To make this seal, stainless steel bell jars would use a circular cross section elastomer in the jar’s dovetail groove.

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