Conductivity Monitor with Optional pH Meter for FPLC Separations - AZURA CM 2.1S

The AZURA CM 2.1S is a reliable conductivity monitor utilized in FPLC in order to follow salt gradients.

Optionally pH values can be measured. Wetted parts are completely biocompatible. The risk of carryover is reduced to a minimum by the contactless measurements of conductivity. Two flow cells cover a flow rate up to either 100 ml/min or 10 ml/min and are optimized for low dead volume. Conductivity flow cells and the pH measuring kit can be ordered in addition to the CM 2.1S.

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Key Features

  • fast response
  • contactless conductivity measurement
  • high reproducibility and accuracy, low noise
  • reliable and accurate monitoring through self-calibration and self-test
  • pH measurement kit is optional and has to be separately ordered
  • short capillaries for minimizing band broadening and time delay between detectors

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