Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) for NOx Reduction (NOx)

NOx is thought to be a destructive greenhouse gas and considerable releases into the atmosphere are banned. The abatement system is constructed with a NOx reducing catalyst and an ammonia injection system. The catalytic reaction of the ammonia across the Selective Catalytic Reducer (SCR) minimizes the emission of NOx by changing it into regular atmosphere elements (oxygen, nitrogen and water). The catalyst comes in varying arrangements based on the application.

The ammonia injection system allows ammonia to be added into the process to integrate with the process NOx and decrease the quantity of NOx emitted from the system. An Ammonia Injection Grid (AIG) and Ammonia Flow Control Unit (AFCU) offer a controlled supply of anhydrous ammonia as stipulated by a NOx and Ammonia (NH3) analyzer system.

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