Particle Shape Classifier and Particle Counter - SpectroLNF Q200

The SpectroLNF Q200 (LNF-Q200) is a bench-top instrument that performs five measurements simultaneously including: particle classification, particle count, dynamic viscosity, soot % and free water detection.

The LNF-Q200 uses laser imaging techniques and advanced image processing software to identify the type, rate of production, and severity of mechanical faults by measuring the size distribution, rate of progression, and shape features of wear debris in lubricating fluids.

Dynamic viscosity measurements are performed based on Poiseuille’s Law which is based on the pressure drop across a pipe in relation to the fluid flow rate. Dynamic viscosity measurements are reported in Centipoise (cP) at 40°C and can be converted to kinematic viscosity using the fluid’s density.


  • Provides ISO Code 4406 (1999) for particles >4, >6 and >14 µm
  • Algorithms to perform shape analysis, wear particle identification and machine condition assessment
  • Large particles are classed by a neural network as “cutting, fatigue, severe sliding, nonmetallic, free water droplets or fibers”
  • Provides image maps of all particles greater than 20 µm
  • Can handle particle concentrations over 5,000,000 particles/ml
  • Automatic adjustment for fluid darkness which allows the LNF-Q200 to essentially see through black diesel lubricating oils
  • Measures soot content in used diesel engine lubricants
  • Can handle fluid viscosities up to 320 ISO grade without dilution
  • Dynamic Viscosity measurement is completed for ISO 15 to ISO 320 grade lubricants at 40°C in 2-6 minutes
  • Built-in data-base for machine condition trending
  • Data outputs include particle type identification, image maps, size trends and NAS, NAVAIR and ISO cleanliness codes
  • Magnification is set at factory.

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