M500-50 ATMS: 50 kN Universal Materials Testing Machine

Range kN 50 (5 x 5) Data sampling rate Maximum 12 kHz with up to 200 Hz data frames.
Accuracy +/- 0.5% of reading down to 1/1000th of load cell capacity. Overall dimensions W x D x H 1210 x 505 x 1585
Vertical space mm 1240 Weight kg 196
Crosshead travel/resolution mm 1050 by 0.001 Electrical supply Universal input. (de-rate max speed at 115V)
Throat mm 850 Operating temp degree C -10 to +40
Frame stiffness kN/mm 100 Operating humidity +10 to +90% non-condensing
Speed range mm/min 0.001 to 500 Machine Configuration Table top, base cabinet available
Speed accuracy +/- 0.1% under stable conditions. Number of Columns 2
Crosshead guidance Linear slides integral within column Available load cells 5 x 5000 N or smaller
Max force at full speed kN 25 Spigot Ø mm 30
Max speed at full load mm/min 500 Power kW 1


Machine Features

The key machine features of the M500-50 ATMS are as follows:

  • The M500-ATMS is an adapted version of Testometric™ standard M500-AT machine. It has five stations where tests can be done at the same time. The color display displays plots of all five tests in real time, calculated results, and statistics. A printer can be connected to create a complete test report. The machine is mainly useful for companies who undertake volume testing. It significantly minimizes test time and is very cost effective and space efficient when compared with using a number of machines. There is also a CT version available that works from the end users own PC system.
  • Touch screen display with active tester control panel and readout screen displaying real time test curves calculated results and statistics. Height modifiable and completely articulated.
  • Fully digital testing system with high precision control and accuracy, includes automated computer control of test methods giving simplicity of operation.
  • Integral PC system working full universal windows software with industry standard and customer specific test techniques pre-installed
  • High resolution auto ranging load cells with accuracies better than +/-0.5% down to 1/1000th of the load cell capacity
  • 800% overload capability of load cells without damage
  • Small footprint design, providing economy of floor and bench space
  • Automatic recognition and calibration of load cells and extensometers, with immediate calibration check facility
  • High efficiency pre-loaded self-cleaning ball screws for rapid, quiet testing. Fitted with sealed for life lubricated end bearings.
  • Crosshead guidance system offering smooth running and precise alignment
  • Precision crosshead control via digital AC servo drive and brushless servo motor offering maintenance free operation and 4,000,000 steps per revolution positional control
  • Six I/O channels for additional devices such as micrometers, extensometers, callipers, balances ec
  • High speed data collection systems for up to four synchronous channels
  • High stiffness loading frames with solid specialized steel crossheads and rigid extruded support columns with T-slots for accessory mounting.
  • Overload, overtravel, and impact protection
  • Telescopic covers offering extra protection for ball screws against testing debris and dust
  • Extensive range of grips and fixtures for tension, flexural, peel, shear, compression, and product testing etc.
  • A broad range of contacting and non-contacting extensometers is available including video and laser models
  • Optional full color printer system mounted on universal position swivel arm

Force Measurement

Universally calibrated, better than Grade 0.5 EN 7500-1, D IN 51221 ASTM E-4. AFNOR A03-501. Automatic identification of load cell. Resolution one part in 500000 with auto-ranging. Range 0.4% to 100% minimum. Electronic load cell protection.

Extension Measurement

Full frame length to 0.001 mm. Accuracy 0.01 mm. Resolution 0.001 min. Programmable extension limits. Absolute, relative and auxiliary modes mm, inch, and percent.

Speed Control

Speed setting increments 0.001 mm/min. Drive system temperature and current protection. Positional jog speed 0.001 mm/min to max.

Load Frame

Sturdy frame, using rigid support column and dual slide crosshead guidance system. Recirculating ball screw with bellows. Frame stiffness 100 kN/mm plus K factor facility in-built. Electronic limit strips, total travel trips, and customer programmable safety stops.


Detailed winTest™ Analysis universal windows software covering, compression, creep, peel, tensile, shear, cyclic, tear, and multi-stage testing. It includes a broad range of industry standard test techniques and facility to develop and store an infinite number of additional test techniques. There is automated storage of all test data and ease of export to other software packages such as word, access, excel, and SPC systems for improved report generation. winTest™ Reports is improvement of winTest Analysis to include flexibility to data analysis and statistical reporting. The package offers a report generation capability that can incorporate long-term statistics and control charts for all stated calculations. winTest Reports™ can also be configured to display headings, company logos, titles, charts, pop-up menus, graphs, and specific technical information


Along with standard fixtures, user’s specimens can be tested in Testometric™ applications laboratory and design special grips and fixtures for custom applications. Models are available with wider throat and extended frames.

CE Marking

Complies with all applicable European standards with UKAS certification.


Lead-free, energy efficient, and fully RoHS compliant.

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