The EPLEXOR® series up to ±500 N help in the dynamic mechanical (or static) characterization of different materials including polymers and elastomers, composites, metals, ceramics, glasses, foods and biomaterials, liquids and adhesives.

The modular design of the high-force DMA/DMTA systems enables carrying out measurements in the compression, tension, shearing and bending modes. The testing machines that fall in this series vary from each other particularly in terms of their maximum dynamic force ranges of ±25 N, ±150 N, ±100 N and ±500 N.

Flexible and Set for the Future means of a variety of strain and force sensors and also furnaces which allow for simple upgrades to the basic system at any time after the initial installation

High Force Levels

...permitting static loads up to 500 N (optional: up to 1500 N) and dynamic loads up to ± 500 N; particularly meaningful for investigations on curable resins, composites, elastomers, metals, ceramics or glasses

Two Independent Drives

...featuring a servo motor for static and a shaker for dynamic loads

Interchangeable Force Sensors

...which can be effortlessly changed out by the operator; nominal loads that are available range from ±10 N to ±2500 N

24/7 Operation through the Automatic Sample Changer

...for tension, bending and compression samples throughout the entire temperature range round-the-clock

Optimized for Temperature Sweeps on Bigger Samples

...thanks to uniform heating of even bigger samples with low thermal conductivity, for example, large rubber specimens

Highly Economic LN2 Cooling

...for low liquid nitrogen consumption

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