The GABOMETER® system – a development based on the established Goodrich Flexometer – can deliver accurate measurements of heat build-up or blow out tests and the determination of the thermal set.

This modern type of Flexometer is capable of performing both force and elongation controlled tests. It is suitable for improving the durability and the thermal dissipation of dampers, semi-finished tire components or absorbers.

Additionally, the new generation has the potential to provide the measurement of the material stiffness (E modulus, tan δ - option) and damping.


  • Goodrich flexometer tests
  • Wide frequency range (option)
  • Wide temperature range (option)
  • Hysteresis analysis (option)
  • Pulse load mode available (option)
  • Static: strain or stress controlled load mode available
  • Dynamic: strain or stress controlled load mode available
  • Simultaneous measurement of the visco-elastic properties (option)
  • Visco-elastic properties in DMTS/DMA mode (option)
  • Automatic Sample Changer (ASC) for fully automatic testing (24h) (option)
  • Heat build-up and blow out tests according to Goodrich (DIN 53 533, ASTM D 623, ISO 4666/3,ISO 4666/4, JIS K 6265 and BS 903 part A50)

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