GABOTACK: Tackiness Tester

The GABOTACK® system is a tackiness tester capable of providing a reliable and efficient procedure for determining tackiness. It reliably determines the surface adhesion of either two identical or even varied adhesive components. Inefficient product properties because of internally poor contact areas belong to the past.

This sample holder has been designed for testing uncured rubber components particularly of “Green Tire” segments. Further sample holders are available on request.

  • Determination of the peel force (“tack” force), essential for separating the segments
  • Determination of the “tack” energy as the mechanical work used for separation of samples
  • Variation of the following adjustable parameters: time of pressing, force of pressing, speed of separation, speed of pressing
  • Changeable force transducers of 500 N or 150 N
  • Absolute values of deformation, time, speed and force
  • Changeable sample holders (clamping devices) for “Green Tire” segments and adhesives systems are available (individually customized devices on request)

Fields of Application

Reliable measurements of tackiness properties (autohesion) of

  • Epoxy resins
  • Component segments
  • Varnish/paint work
  • Polymers
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Elastomers, for instant tires (Green Tires)
  • Pharmaceuticals

Quality Assurance on the Top

Segments of adhesive components are used as specimens. It is possible to insert rectangular and square shaped samples with a dimension up to 60 mm side length, however circular components are also applicable. The material thickness is permitted within the range from 2 up to 20 mm. It is essential to insert two test specimens.

Influence of storage time on semi-finished products.

The GABOTACK® system instantly allows the reliable and reproducible measurement of the “tack” force with respect to the adjustment of appropriate parameters (force of pressing, speed of pressing, time of pressing and speed of separation).

Reproducibility of GABOTACK®.

The Tackiness Tester

How Does it Work?

Measuring principle GABOTACK®.

The GABOTACK® system enables determining the “tack” force and the “tack” energy (optional). “Tack” force and “tack” energy correspond to the required mechanical energy and the required force necessary for separating the defined surface of two adhesive materials.

Accessories for the GABOTACK® System

Several sets of appropriate sample holders are available for additional applications. It is also possible to supply interchangeable force transducers for varied ranges and a temperature chamber.


Force range 150 N or 500 N
Speed of pressing Up to 3 mm/s
Force of pressing Up to 500 N
Time of pressing Up to 1000 s
Detectable peel force Up to 500 N
Speed of separation Between 0.1 and 180 mm/min
Temperature • Ambient temperature
• -160 °C up to 500 °C (optional)
Sample dimensions: • Height: 2 up to 20 mm
• Width: up to 60 mm
• Depth: up to 60 mm
Electrical supply 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Weight Approx. 220 kg
Dimensions in mm
(width x depth x height)
1000 x 750 x 1500 (1900 with temperature chamber)

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