Mobile Surface Analyzer — MSA Measuring Surface Free Energy in a Second

The innovative Mobile Surface Analyzer — MSA from KRÜSS measures surface free energy with two liquids, fully automatically and mobile using the new “One-Click SFE” method by KRÜSS. The MSA doses two parallel drops with a single click, followed by the direct analysis of the contact angles and the derived results of the surface free energy.

All steps are automated and take place within a second. The results enable well-founded statements regarding wettability by organic or aqueous liquids. The MSA supports users in their quality assurance in the pre-treatment and coating of solid materials in a suitable way.

New, Innovative Dosing Unit for Parallel Analysis with Two Test Liquids

The innovative, specially developed double dosing system by KRÜSS doses two parallel drops within milliseconds, with minimal kinetic energy and high volume precision. In contrast to conventional dosing units, this simultaneous dosing of two drops removes the need to change the test liquid during the material analysis. The contactless technique prevents unnecessary touching of the sample with possible damage or contamination. Cartridges that can easily be refilled outside the instrument make operation of the dosing system simple. Completely charged, the handy instrument is built for dosing 1,000 droplets of each liquid.

KRÜSS has created an alternative dosing solution which uses conventional disposable syringes for liquids that need a lot of cleaning effort such as inks, adhesives or paints. The conversion to this automatic syringe dosing module is performed very quickly.

Simple in Operation and Flexible in Use

The MSA is preferably used with a notebook. Because of the USB power connection, its small footprint and low weight, the MSA is ideal for the mobile and non-destructive quality control. The instrument tests samples of all sizes, including automobile bodies. It provides reliable values even for vertical, overhead and marginally convex samples.

KRÜSS’ modern, intuitive ADVANCE software automatically measures the surface free energy based on established and significant scientific models. For instance, information acquired about the surface’s polarity provides a reliable indication of the effect of activation by such techniques as plasma treatment.

The precise measurement and scientific assessment are performed by just clicking a button. Thus, measurement errors because of incorrect operation are effectively ruled out.

Tasks and Applications

  • Determination of the wettability of solid materials before bonding or coating
  • Measurement on large workpieces and finished products such as automobile parts
  • Testing the effectiveness of hydrophobic coatings
  • Quality assurance of pre-treatment and coating processes
  • Quality assurance of cleaning steps

Measuring Methods and Options

  • Measurement of contact angle
  • Calculation of surface free energy according to Owens-Wendt-Rabel-Kaelble, Wu, Zisman, Fowkes and van Oss & Good


  • Contact angle standard set for calibrating drop shape analysis (CP3970)
  • Software-controlled syringe dosing system for one liquid (DS3910)
  • Dosing disposable kits (SP10, SP52)
  • Surface standard kit for volume calibration with sessile drops (CP53)

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