EDXRF Analyzer: X-Cite

The cost-effective, compact spectroscopic analyzer fits comfortably on a standard laboratory bench and comprises of a completely integrated computer system, a sample tray and six customizable filters. The Xenemetrix bench-top spectrometer uses a high resolution detector and a sample camera, a powerful X-ray tube and a sample tray in order to accommodate samples of different types and sizes. The customized filters enable altering system hardware configuration per application needs for enhanced and accurate performances.

Non-Destructive Multi-Element Analysis

Qualitative and quantitative analysis using standards and standardless Fundamental Parameters methods (FP) with detection range from Na (11) - U (92).

X-Ray Source

Excitation of 40 kV, 18 W, with Rh anode, LOD from ppm to 100% concentrations, offering exceptional performance for complex applications.

Automatic Calibration

System automatic calibration upon materials according to changing ambient atmosphere.

Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)

SDD with higher-count rate and resolution, down to 125 eV for enhanced analysis, detection range from Na (11) - U (92).

Tube Filters

Six customizable tube filters for accurate and fast determination of minor and trace elements. System effortlessly adjusted and configured based on per application requirement.

Analytix Advanced SW Package

System powered by Analytix advanced SW analysis package for easy-to-use, fast performance for instant action and results.

Analytix Software

Analytix software delivers comprehensive, accurate, easy to understand results and is adaptable to a wide range of applications. It is possible to carry out multiple tests within a short time period and minimum configuration efforts. Analytix software has been designed with a greatly intuitive interface and a simple user-friendly GUI capable of being operated by different levels of users for different elemental analysis tasks.

Analytix package offers a client-server network operator mode capable of supplying real-time data transfer by GPS or Wi-Fi which enables effortless management of multiple systems at disperse global locations. Analysis can be effortlessly performed onsite while results are transmitted to a distributed server. The analysis results are location based and comprise of a unique test identification.

Key Applications

X-Cite Technical Specifications

  PD Version SDD Version
Detectable Range Na (11) - U (92)
Detectable Concentration ppm - %100
X-ray Tube Rh/Ag/Mo/W/Pd anode
X-ray Source 35 kV, 9 W 40 kV, 18 W
Excitation Type Direct with filters
Stability Precision 0.1% at ambient temperature
Detector Thermoelectrically cooled PIN diode Fast SDD version
Resolution (FWHM) 155 eV ± 10 eV at 5.9 keV 125 eV ± 5 eV
Window Type Be
Autosampler 16/8 positions
Work Environment Air/ Vacuum/ Helium
Customized Tube Filters Six software selectable
Costumized Collimator 0.3 mm - 3 mm
Power Supply 110-230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Pulse Processing Digital Pulse Processor
System Dimensions Unpacked: 55W x 55L x 32H
Packed: 80W x 80L x 65H
System Weight 50 kg (net)
90 kg (gross)
Chamber Dimensions 22 x 22 cm, H=5 cm
Computer Integrated PC
Operating Software Analytix advanced package (Microsoft Windows™ OS)
Optional Software Advanced Fundamental Parameters analysis, Standardless Software, libraries
Control Automatic control of excitation, detection, sample handling and data processing
Spectrum Processing Automatic escape peak and background removal. Automatic peak deconvolution.
Graphical statistics
Quantitative Analysis Algorithms Multi-element regression with inter-element corrections (six models available).
Gross, net, fit and digital filter intensity methods
Options Sample Spinner, CCD Camera

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