Tensile Testing with a Desktop SEM – Phenom XL Tensile Sample Holder

Tensile testing is a method that determines how materials will react when they are pushed together or pulled apart - when a tension force is applied on them.

Tensile testing is considered to be one of the simplest and most extensively used mechanical tests. By measuring the force needed to elongate a specimen to breaking point, material properties can be established that will enable Quality Managers and Designers to predict how products and materials will behave in their envisioned applications.

Applications for the Tensile Sample Holder

  • To help in the design process
  • To determine batch quality
  • To reduce material costs and achieve lean manufacturing goals
  • To guarantee compliance with industry and international standards
  • To determine manufacturing consistency

A number of industrial applications are available in the packaging/paper industry, aerospace and automotive industry or even in the pharmaceutical industry.

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