Tube Furnace Range by CARBOLITE GERO

The tube furnaces from CARBOLITE GERO provide exceptional temperature uniformity and are suitable for heating small samples.

Each tube furnace model may be customized to meet specific customer requirements. When specified at the order stage, the tube furnaces can be advanced to include refined digital programmers, controllers and loggers. Over-temperature protection is also available along with extra safety features such as radiation shields and insulation plugs.

Some of the tube furnaces are designed with an integral work tube while others need a separate work tube which is a very flexible arrangement; work tubes are available in a variety of diameters and materials (ceramic, quartz or metal). A standard tube furnace can be upgraded for use with a controlled atmosphere or a vacuum when a work tube of adequate length is employed.

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Typical applications of tube furnaces include the coating, drying, purification, ageing or hardening of samples. Besides other uses, it is also possible to employ a tube furnace for annealing, brazing, degassing, sintering, calcination, soldering, synthesis, sublimation and tempering. Applications in a laboratory include catalyst research, thermocouple calibration, or testing of fuel cells.

The intended use of the tube furnace will determine which furnace is most suitable for the purpose. The tube furnace selection provided by CARBOLITE GERO ranges from simple and cost-effective options such as the wire wound single zone tube furnace through to more advanced systems such as the AZ tube furnace, which contains eight individually controllable heating zones. These allow setting of a temperature gradient for applications such as chemical vapor deposition.

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