PT-5 Thin Film Metrology Station

The PT-5 panel tester Gen5 is designed to measure properties of thin film solar cells that meet the GEN-5 standard.

It incorporates an ellipsometer, a non-contact resistivity mapper, and a haze meter.

Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (SE) is used to detect the change of the polarization state of light after reflection from a plane surface. Parameters accessible from SE include: thickness (from nm to several µm’s), optical properties (refractive indices, extinction coefficient, band gap, absorption and transmission) and material properties (roughness, composition, crystallinity). Single layer and multilayer structures on various substrates (glass, metal, silicon, and plastic foil) can be measured and analyzed using a very small probe area. The SE5-PV is a Pilot line and Production Control system orientated towards mapping the deposition uniformity over large surfaces areas. The solution provides large process tool suppliers and end users the ability to improve the ramp up of the PV fabrication steps.

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