High Density Zirconia Sliding Gate Plate Inserts

Product Description

Dyson Technical Ceramics manufactures a variety of high density zirconia sliding gate plate inserts, which are employed within sliding gate plate applications. Generally, the inserts are used within a pressed refractory plate or cast.

Sliding Gate Plate inserts are considered to be an exceptional solution for increasing the life span of sliding gate plates. After a sliding gate plate becomes worn, it is possible to remove the worn material and a high density DysonTC Zirconia Plate insert can then be cast/cemented in its place, thus prolonging the life span of the sliding gate plate.

Dyson Zirconia Sliding Gate Plate Inserts Key Features/Benefits

  • Dimensionally accurate, with a smooth surface finish
  • Capable of making custom made plate insert designs
  • A wide range of designs available
  • High density plate inserts providing exceptional erosion resistance

Zirconia Sliding Gate Plate Inserts – Material Product Range

Zirconia MX

  • High hot strength
  • Increased thermal shock properties
  • High density material comprising of 95% Zirconia

Zirconia MZE

  • Exceptional Strength
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Ultra high density comprising of 96.5% Zirconia
  • Lower porosity offering increased erosion resistance

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