AP-1000 Plasma Treatment Equipment for Semiconductor Manufacturing

AP series plasma treatment machines are ideal for a broad range of surface activation, plasma cleaning and adhesion improvement applications. These capabilities are applied for microelectronic packaging and assembly, semiconductor manufacturing and by manufacturers of life science and medical devices. The AP Series comprises of four batch plasma treatment systems offering large, mid-size, and small vacuum chamber options that provide process correlation, controller continuity and reliable, reproducible vacuum gas plasma treatment to customers as they expand from an R&D environment to a variety of production levels.

Plasma Treatment Equipment Features and Benefits

  • PLC controller with touch screen offers a smart graphical interface and real time process representation
  • Flexible shelf architecture allows processing of a broad range of part carriers in either direct or downstream plasma mode
  • 13.56 MHz RF generator has automatic impedance corresponding to unmatched process reproducibility
  • Proprietary software control system produces process and production data for statistical process control
  • The pump, chamber, control electronics and 13.56 MHz RF generator are kept in a single enclosure
  • Batch style, each unit is totally self-contained, requiring minimum floor space

AP-1000 Plasma Treatment Equipment

The AP-1000 platform allows full, front access for convenient access to interior components. The pump is located on rollers to facilitate easy removal. The plasma chamber is built with 11 gage stainless steel with aluminum fixtures for better durability. The chamber has many removable and modifiable shelves to house a range of part carriers, including trays, magazines, wafer and Auer boats. The AP-1000 Plasma Treatment System with optional HTP (high throughput) shelves integrates the reliability and process quality of the AP-1000 system with the established advantages of Nordson MARCH's unique shelf design.

The AP-1000 HTP optimizes use of the reactive ions found in RF plasma, boosting treatment uniformity while lessening process time. The AP-1000 HTP system allows selection from a range of process gases such as hydrogen, argon and helium. It comes standard equipped with four mass flow controllers for optimal gas control. Slotted magazines are positioned vertically within the chamber. Normally, each magazine holds a minimum of 20 lead frames. The AP-1000 plasma chamber can hold up to 12 magazines, depending on magazine size.

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