Gas Plasma Cleaning with the TRAK Automated Series

The TRAK series plasma system provides superior plasma treatment quality and automation in a single, highly configurable platform, leading to high-throughput plasma processing and plasma cleaning for both electronics and semiconductor packaging. Based on the configuration of the electrode and chamber kit, the plasma chamber can perform a number of processes such as photoresist descum/ash, dielectric etch, organic contamination clean, oxide removal and surface activation.

Manual and automated operations (with built-in or inline handler), remote user interface, SMEMA and SECS/GEM communications protocol are supported by the TRAK systems. The chamber design is compact, versatile and exceptionally uniform, enabling interchangeable processing configurations and plasma modes such as downstream, direct, RIE, and IFP (ion-free plasma) plasma treatment options.

Thanks to a three-axis symmetrical plasma chamber, all positions of the product are uniformly treated while tight controls across all process parameters guarantee repeatable results from one product to another.

  • The TRAK's proprietary plasma process control and small plasma chamber volume allow for unparalleled short cycle times, whereas its slim structure reduces floor space requirements.
  • The universal architecture of the TRAK system handles a wide range of product form factors, such as carriers, boats, Jedec/Auer® boats, wafers, strips and laminates
  • Based on throughput and product form needs, the TRAK system can be configured for magazine-to-magazine processing of single as well as multiple lead frames or strips, wafer processing, and even standalone for island-based production environments
  • The SMART® Tune management system in the TRAK offers closed-loop plasma control that improves the RF system and reduces the tuning time. In addition, the system automatically recycles to a plasma-ready state, offsetting any changes in temperature, vacuum pressure and varied lot sizes.
  • Thanks to a proprietary algorithm, maximum power to the chamber is obtained quickly; this algorithm constantly measures forward and reflective power within the chamber.

Features and Benefits

  • Industry leading throughput capacity with short cycle times
  • Ultimate application flexibility for direct, downstream and ion-free (patented) plasma, which enables treatment without exposure to UV and ion
  • Easily combined with a range of process equipment, such as die attach, wire bond, mold, marking and dispense
  • Slim structure minimizes floor space requirements, and all service components can be easily accessed from the front
  • Proprietary process control and compact, three-axis symmetrical chamber for excellent process uniformity

Models and Configurations

FlexTRAK™ Plasma Treatment System: The standard configuration to meet the plasma treatment and plasma cleaning requirements of advanced semiconductor and electronic packaging.

FlexTRAK™-S Plasma Treatment System: This model is specially designed for processing larger substrates, and has a large-capacity plasma chamber, 9.24 liter, or twice the capacity of a standard FlexTRAK.

FasTRAK™ Plasma Treatment System: This is a fully-automated, high-throughput, plasma treatment system patricianly designed for laminate substrates, lead-frame strips and other strip-type microelectronic components. Since recipes are driven by software and the system needs minimal hardware tooling or interaction, it is easy to change over to a new magazine or strip size. The system almost eliminates operator handling of the magazines or strips.

FlexTRAK™ 2MB Plasma Treatment System: This system is designed for high-throughput, inline processing of microelectronic devices that are held in trays, boats or other carriers. It is suitable for pre-Flip-Chip Underfill (FCUF) processes. Unique boat bypass feature optimizes productivity, and throughput is increased through multiple inline plasma modules and production-ready dual-lane boat handling.


FlexTRAK™ CD and FlexTRAK™ CDS Plasma Treatment Systems: The system is specially designed for high-throughput processing of laminated substrates, lead frame strips and other strip-type electronic components. The CD can handle up to 5 strips per plasma cycle, while the CDS, with a longer plasma chamber, can manage up to 10 strips per plasma cycle. Through this operation, the parts are delivered back into the same magazine; users can refer to the FasTRAK system for different handling operations.

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