Zortrax Inventure: Layer Plastic Deposition Plus

Double It Is

Zortrax 3D printing

Zortrax, along with Zortrax Inventure, has also introduced an original system of printing two materials simultaneously, with two, separate nozzles. The materials change automatically – between Z-PLA or Z-PETG and Z-SUPPORT

Dissolve What Remains

Zortrax 3D printing

Zortrax Inventure is available with an easy-to-use and quick Dissolvable Support System (DSS). This support system is a fluid-flow station capable of dissolving the support. Users can leave the print in water for a few hours and then find it without any remains. Besides being time-saving, this process is completely hands-free.

All at Once

Zortrax 3D printing

Printing complicated objects and moving mechanisms with tight tolerance has never been easier whether the moveable part is being placed outside or inside the model. The automatic change of materials and the built-in encoders only ensures it.

Features on Demand

Zortrax 3D printing

Zortrax, while creating the new 3D printer, has also used the latest technology called Layer Plastic Deposition (LPD) Plus. LPD Plus incorporated with the Dissolvable Support System offers the most enhanced technological solutions to a larger audience in a professional and smart manner.


Zortrax 3D printing in Architecture

Users can build their idea big. Thanks to 3D printing, it is possible to make architectural models fast, with the finest attention to details, and in high quality.


Zortrax 3D printing in the automotive industry

The automotive design process can be accelerated and the idea can be tested more thoroughly. Users can speed up the design first and then add the tempo to their business.


Zortrax 3D printing in engineering

Users can focus on the idea behind the process, not just the prototyping process. With 3D printing, the creating process in-house can be significantly advanced and shortened.


Zortrax 3D printing in medicine

It is possible to make life-saving solutions in-house. Start from prototyping solid, superior quality and accurate models that fit the requirements of individuals. Users can make their contributions to the medicine of today.


Zortrax 3D printing in robotics

Tomorrow’s change starts today. Apply 3D printing to robotics and develop functional prototypes and movable constructions capable of reflecting the properties of modern industrial tools.


Zortrax 3D printing in education

3D printers have the potential to help Students improve their understanding of the abstract models and allow them to grow their own interest in new technologies.

Consumer Product

Zortrax 3D printing

Based on product demands, users should start adapting 3D printing solutions in their company. 3D printing enables meeting the exact requirements of the needs of individuals.

Say No More to Mechanical Support Removal

Zortrax 3D printing

Z-SUPPORT that is available with Zortrax Inventure is considered to be the unique support material capable of dissolving in water, available in a cartridge.

System of Solutions

Zortrax 3D printing

Together with the Zortrax Inventure, customers will get a system of products that not only include the key to Z-SUITE and Starter Kit, but also include a cartridge with Z-SUPPORT, a cartridge with Z-PETG, four build plates and DSS Station.

Awards and Recognitions

Inventure Specifications

Technology LPD Plus – advanced technology with DSS system
Build volume 135 x 135 x 130 mm
5.3 x 5.3 x 5.1 in
Resolution 90-200 microns
Material container cartridge
Wall thickness minimal: 400 microns
optimal: 800 microns
Resolution of single printable point in XY axis: 400 microns
in Z axis: 90-200 microns
Material diameter 1.75 mm (0.069 in)
Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm (0.015 in)
Minimum single positioning 1.5 microns
Positioning precision (X/Y) 1.5 microns
Z-axis single step 1.25 microns


Inventure 3D printer:  
Extruder maximum temperature 380 °C (716 °F)
Heated chamber yes
Chamber maximum temperature 90 °C (194 °F)
Ambient operation temperature 15°-35 °C (60°-95 °F)
Storage temperature 0°-35 °C (32°-95 °F)
DSS Station (recommended):
for Z-PETG
for Z-PLA

40°-50 °C (104°-122 °F)
max. 40 °C (104 °F)
Additional information time settings should depend on the size and complexity of the model and the amount of support structures


3D printer
Support Dissolvable – printed with a different material than the model
HEPA filter yes
Material consumption sensor yes
Chip with information about material yes
Extruder printing with the main and the support material
Connectivity SD card (included)
Available materials Z-PETG


Software bundle Z-SUITE
File types stl .obj .dxf .3mf
Supports Mac OS X / Windows 7 and newer versions


AC input 110/240 V ~ 2 A 50/60 Hz
Power requirements 24 V DC @ 7 A
Power consumption 160 W


What's in the Box?

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