STOE Multi-Mythen 3K Detector – LaB6 Data Collected in Minutes

A glass capillary of 0.5 mm diameter was filled with NIST 660b LaB6 standard material and mounted on a STOE STADI P in Debye-Scherrer geometry​ using a STOE Multi Mythen2 R 3K detector (450 µm chip thickness) and Mo Ka1 radiation.

The above powder pattern was measured from 2 to 110° 2ϴ in 120 S by employing the one step technique, and the data taken in order to enhance the cell. The first 40° 2ϴ of the fit are magnified in the upper right corner of the figure. The table below presents a list of the impressive results of the refinement.

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File title: LaB6
Wavelength: 0.709300
Number of accepted peaks: 68
2Theta window: 0.050
2Theta zeropoint: 0.0023 ( refineable)
Symmetry: Cubic P
Spacegroup: P m-3m (No.221)
Initial cell parameters: Cell_A: 4.1569
Refined cell parameters: Cell_A: 4.15698(11)
Cell_Volume: 71.834(3)
Number of single indexed lines: 68
Number of unindexed lines: 0
2Theta zeropoint: 0.0014(23)
Average delta(2Theta): 0.005
Figure of Merit F(30): 460.4 (0.002, 31)


STOE Multi Mythen Detector


(n = Number of Modules with n = 2 OR 3)

This new product has been offered by STOE for the company’s STADI P and MP series in order to afford high resolution data collection within the shortest measuring times.

Design study of the left and right-handed STOE MYTHEN2 R 2K
STOE MYTHEN2 R 3K shown in the picture above.

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