Temperature Control System – A85

The PRESTO A85 and W85 models from JULABO have the ability to cover a very extensive range of temperatures making them suitable for tough temperature-control operations in mini-plants, reactors and materials testing.

The PRESTO models are provided in two different versions: the water-cooled PRESTO W85 and PRESTO W85t, and the air-cooled PRESTO A85 and PRESTO A85t. All models cover the very wide working temperature range of -85 to +250 °C.

The PRESTO models A85 and W85 have a heating capacity of 6 kW, but this is more than doubled in the PRESTO models A85t and W85t which have a heating capacity of 15 kW. Cooling capacity is as high as 2.8 kW. Consequently, all units are ready to compensate for both endothermic and exothermic reactions with amazing speed.

Robust, maintenance-free pumps produce pressure of up to 3.2 bar and a flow rate of 80 l/minute. They guarantee high flow rates with steady pressure and are able to dynamically compensate for variations to the viscosity of the heat-transfer liquid.

The integrated 5.7” color industrial touchscreen makes the new PRESTO very convenient to use with smart user guidance. Some of the advantages include the direct access to important information, clear and well-organized display of values and graphs, as well as extensive and easily understood alerts and help texts.

Key Features

  • Wide working temperature ranges from -92 °C to +250 °C
  • Quick cool-down and heat-up times
  • Magnetically coupled pumps
  • Closed design (Operation above flashpoint possible)
  • Suitable for precise control of external temperature applications


The PRESTO models have the ability to cover a very wide range of temperatures, making them ideal for challenging temperature-control tasks such as

  • Reactors
  • Pilot plants
  • Mini-plants
  • Materials testing

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