Laboratory Ball Mill from Tinius Olsen

The Laboratory Ball Mill is mainly designed for grinding cement and pigments. The material is ground at a particular speed for a specific period of time using a specific quantity of grinding steel balls.

The size of all balls provided for supporting the tests range from 12.5 to 40 mm. The ball size varies based on the requirement of the tests and complied standard. The laboratory ball mill capacity also differs based on to the application and ranges from 5 to 20 kg.

The equipment is available with a counter for recording the number of revolutions.

Besides being used in the cement industry, it is also employed in the paint, granite, tile and plastic industries.

Optional Accessories

The Laboratory Ball Mill

  • TO-44103 Steel ball 25 mm, single ball
  • TO-44104 Steel ball 19 mm, single ball
  • TO-44101 Steel ball 40 mm, single ball
  • TO-44102 Steel ball 30 mm, single ball
  • TO-44105 Steel ball 12.5 mm, single ball

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