VIS 403 and VIS 403HF High Temperature Rotational Viscometers

The high temperature rotational viscometers have been adopted as the standard by all the companies for the measurement of the dynamic viscosity of glasses, mold powders and slags.

The high temperature viscometers VIS 403 and VIS 403HF are capable of measuring the dynamic viscosity of materials with Newtonian behavior. The instrument works by measuring the shear rate and shear stress of a rotating bob immersed in a fluid filled cup under controlled temperature. Two different cup and bob configurations are available depending on the viscosity of the test fluid. Tests may be performed in controlled rate conditions or controlled stress, and under isothermal or temperature ramp programs.

  • High Temperature Viscometer
  • Ideal for glasses, slags and mold powders
  • Convenient, concentric cylinder measuring geometry
  • Two temperature ranges: RT – 1500 °C, 100 °C -1700 °C


Viscosity η 10 – 107 dPA s
Temperature Range RT to 1500 °C or 100 °C to 1700 °C
Temperature Resolution 0.1 °C
Sample volume 13.8 or 9.2 cm-3
Rotor diameter 9 or 19 mm
Measuring system material Pt/Rh 30%
Torque Range 0.1 to 50 mN m
Torque Accuracy ±1%
Angular Velocity max. 80 rad/s
Angular Velocity Resolution 10-4 rad
Atmosphere air, inert gas

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