Multicell DSC

The MC DSC from TA Instruments is a versatile, multi-purpose calorimeter that integrates microwatt sensitivity with improved sample throughput. In contrast to a single sample DSC, the three removable, reusable sample ampoules and one reference ampoule in the MC DSC improves sample throughput and guarantees high precision and unparalleled reproducibility. The wide mouth, removable ampoules, and extra sample manipulation allow examination of materials that are physically not well-suited with other calorimeters.


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Cell Geometry Removable Cylindrical Ampoules
  • Three Sample Cells
  • One Reference Cell
  • Hermetically Sealable
Ampoule Material Hastelloy
Ampoule Sample Volume 1 mL
Sample Size up to 1 mL; solid or liquid
Temperature Range -40 °C to 150 °C
Detection Limit 0.2 µW
Short-term Noise 0.2 µW
Baseline Repeatability 2.0 µW
Scan Rate 0 (isothermal) to 2 °C/min
Response Time 90 sec

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