Measure Level Conditions in Real Time - ReticleSense® ALSR

The ReticleSense® ALSR from Cyberoptics is designed to accelerate, setting the right inclination and the same level across tools for enhanced process uniformity.

Enhance equipment setup

Measure the level conditions in real time in reticle handling equipment (i.e. reticle stockers) and completely characterize production equipment. Rapidly confirm alignment and inclination of the handling systems to prevent misalignment and scratching, so the equipment of users can be returned to productive use faster. Reticle-like and vacuum compatible, users do not need to expose process areas to the fab environment.

Improve process uniformity with objective and reproducible level adjustments

Take the human element out of altering the equipment with objective numerical measurements. Easily and quickly review and store measurements with LevelViewTM software graphical user interface. Make the correct adjustments repeatedly. Attain improved tool-to-tool process uniformity with leveling that is repeatable, technician-to-technician.

Reduce equipment maintenance time with wireless measurement

Gather and display inclination data wirelessly with ALSR and LevelView™ software. See the effects of the adjustments made in real time, accelerating equipment alignment and returning it to productive use faster.


  • Reticle-shaped - Available in reticle-shaped form factor
  • Highly accurate - Measures vertical and horizontal leveling to 0.05 and 0.03 degrees respectively
  • Easy-to-use software - LevelView and LevelReview application software shows both graphical and numerical inclination data allowing users to view the effects of their adjustments in real time, speeding equipment alignment and returning it to productive use faster
  • Wireless - Transmits data wirelessly to PC or laptop in real-time

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