Auto-Multi Sensor™ for Equipment Qualification with Wireless Measurements

The ReticleSense® AMSR from Cyberoptics offers speed vibration, leveling and humidity measurements with this all-in-one measurement device. It helps to improve yields.

Speed equipment qualification with wireless measurements

Gather and display acceleration, leveling, vibration and humidity data. Monitor humidity in reticle environments. The Auto Multi Sensor with MultiView™ and MultiReview™ software enables real-time equipment diagnostics. The effects of adjustments can be viewed in real-time, accelerating equipment alignment and installation.

Shorten equipment maintenance cycles with reticle-like form factor

6” reticle sensor travels wherever a reticle goes. Ensure the process areas are unexposed to the fab environment with vacuum compatible AMSR.

Lower equipment maintenance expenses and improve process uniformity with objective and reproducible data

Remove the human element out of altering equipment with objective measurements for multiple applications in one. Make the appropriate adjustments repeatedly and receive early warning for imminent equipment failures and enhance preventative maintenance plans.


  • Wireless, reticle-shaped and battery-powered - Available in 6” reticle-shaped form factor
  • Thin - 6.35 mm; standard 6” reticle format
  • Wireless - Transmits data wirelessly to your laptop or PC in real-time
  • Reports inclination in three dimensions - x, y and vertical
  • Reports Accelerations in three dimensions - x, y and z

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