Wafer Mapping Solution for Space Restrictive Applications

The EX-QS, considered to be the ultimate in wafer mapping accuracy, is presently available in a smaller package. EX-QS is an EX-Q repackaged in a smaller case for accommodating applications where space is restricted. EX-QS wafer mapping sensors offer users the same reliable wafer detection and effortless integration as the EX-Q.


  • Detects bright, coated and dark wafers in different size and edge geometries at factory gain setting
  • EX-QS can be obtained in two standoff distances: 1.5" and 2.2". EX-Q is available in 1.5” and 2.2”
  • Non-intrusive wafer mapping solution protects valuable wafers from inadvertent crashes
  • No moving parts that can lead to particulate contamination
  • Detects cross-slotted and ultra-thin wafers
  • Insensitive to interference from the mapping environment including stray reflections
  • Easy-to-use, “off-the-shelf” direct interface needs no amplification or signal conditioning and lowers tool total cost of ownership
  • Note: Connector is an option and must has to be specified when ordered

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