Tuber 100 - Absolute Thermal Conductivity Instrument for Tubular Insulation Materials

The Tuber 100 instrument from TA Instruments complies with ISO 8497 and ASTM C335. The absolute method combined with an advanced end guard heater system makes the Tuber 100 the most advanced and easiest tool for testing pipe insulation. Sample length is one meter long with diameters ranging between 12 mm and 100 mm+. Two standard probes, 22 mm and 15 mm, are available; however, different sizes can be provided upon request.

Temperature range up to 80 °C with temperature control of 0.01 °C.

Conductivity range is 0.02 W/mK – 0.08 W/mK.

The Tuber32 software offers computer interface and automatic data storage.

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