Isocratic Pump – PN1130

The Postnova PN1130 Isocratic Pump is considered to be a solvent delivery system which has been specifically developed and firmly optimized for the best performance in Field-Flow Fractionation. It makes use of short piston stroke technology with just two check valves. The working principle of the PN1130 FFF Isocratic pump is displayed in the figure.

The delivery piston operates with a 2 mm stroke length, the compensation piston with 1 mm. The nearly pulseless solvent discharge of the PN1130 results from the use of a compensation piston and the high stroke frequency/low stroke volume (20 µL). The compensation piston, placed on the pressurized side, gathers half of the volume, while the delivery piston discharges the solvent volume. The collected volume is discharged from the compensation piston during the return movement of the delivery piston.

The microprocessor control speed regulation leads to a greatly stable motor speed. The microprocessor, when compared to standard regulators, is capable of compensating continuously the compressibility of the eluents through a computerized program.

This results in a constant volume delivery throughout the whole delivery range. The microprocessor technology also allows handling the programming, application and controlling an instrument in a simple manner. The operation parameters are displayed clearly via the alphanumeric display. The user can effortlessly control or change the data. The number of function keys is kept at a minimum in order to simplify operation.

The user basically has the choice between two operation modes: the delivery with “Constant Flow” and the delivery with “Constant Pressure”. It is possible to program the operation modes with the following parameters:

  • Constant flow in mL/min
  • Constant pressure in MPa
  • Minimum pressure level
  • Maximum pressure level
  • Delay time
  • Compressibility factor
  • Maximum flow
  • Maximum run time
  • Programmable start delay time and stop delay time

The Postnova PN1130 FFF Pump is provided with a built-in diagnostic system. This constantly controls the following parameters:

  • Program memory
  • Power failure
  • Maximum pressure levels
  • Minimum pressure levels
  • Motor function
  • Maximum flow

The processor’s logic control will ignore incorrect data entered by the operator and the data will be indicated by flashing of the display.

PN1130 Isocratic Pump

PN1130 Isocratic Pump

Pump Principle

Pump Principle


  • Flow Rate:
    • Analytical: 0.10 to 9.95 mL/min
    • Preparativ: 40 to 40.00 mL/min
    • Micro: 0.05 to 4.00 mL/min
  • Pulsation: Less than 1%
  • Maximum Pressure:
    • Analytical: 40 MPa (400 bar)
    • Micro: 40 MPa (400 bar)
    • Preparativ: 20 MPa (200 bar)
  • Compressibility Factor: Select from 0.7 to 1.0
  • Display: LCD alphanumerical 2 x 24 characters
  • Operation Modes: Constant flow / Constant pressure
  • Remote Control: RS232 + Analog Control (flow, start, stop)
  • Run Time: 00:01 to 99:59 h
  • Delay Time: 00:01 to 99:59 h
  • Safety Control:
    • Power supply
    • Logical data input
    • Minimum/maximum pressure
  • Error Message Transfer:
    • Potential free relay contact
    • Acoustic and optic signal
  • Dimensions / Weight: 285 x 130 x 420 mm / 8 kg
  • Power Requirements: 220/110 V; 50/60 Hz

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