Ultra-Precision Aerostatic Tool Spindle with HSK-A63 Tool Interface – ASD-PH63M

With a spindle error (Error-Motion) below 15 nm, the greatest stiffness and load capacity for an aerostatic tool spindle the ASD-PH63M adds HSK-A63 tooling to Ultra-Precision spindle quality.

The ultra-low spindle error and the iron-less motor technology allows this spindle model to be ideal for grinding glass lenses with decreased sub-surface damages what again brings down the time needed for polishing. Moreover, its HSK-A63 tool interface permits a repeatable and quick wheel change.

A spindle soak time of below 9 minutes (cold and standstill to 10 krpm) and a thermal shaft growth of less than 0.8 micron are attained by the strictly symmetrical design incorporated with the efficient thin-film liquid cooling technology.

The cartridge design with axial spindle connectors permits its use in vertical and also horizontal machining centers with closed spindle stocks. The “high-Torque” option provides 14 Nm motor torque (S1) and enables carrying even large grinding wheels.

Due to this, the user obtains an ultra-precision spindle solution for the manufacture of optical components applicable to both CNC machining and ultra-precision centers.

Ultra-Precision meets Industrial Grade

At a Glance

Body – / Flange Diameter 175 mm / 225 mm
Max. Speed 10.000, 12.000 rpm (other spindle speeds on request)
Tool Interface HSK-A63, manual
Motor Permanentmagnet-Synchron, 6-Poles, 3 Phases
“High-Torque” Option (CNC) 13.5 Nm
“Ultra-Precision” Option (UP) 6.5 Nm
Rotary Encoder, Axis Mode Optical 1VSS SinCos, 11.840 Lines + Zero Flag 1)
Alternatives, absolute BiSS-C, FANUC, Mitsubishi-2/4, DRIVE-CLiQ
Rotary Encoder, Spindle Mode GMR 1 VSS SinCos, 253 Lines + Zero Flag 2)
3rd Encoder Option 1) or 2)
Rotary Feedthrough Medium Vacuum, Air, Oil-Air (Option: for cutting fluid, 80 bar max)
Length 500 mm
Weight 62 kg

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