Nanoparticle Analyzer – nCS1™

A unique platform for the quick quantitative measurement of nanoparticles in solution has been offered by Spectradyne's nCS1 instrument. The technique used for measuring nanoparticles is electrical in nature, and hence does not rely on an optical index contrast in order to differentiate particles from their suspending medium.

The instrument is capable of measuring separate nanoparticles and quickly gathers statistically-reliable distributions of particle sizes along with quantitative concentration information. This unique ability sets apart the nCS1 from any other instrument present in the nanoparticle analysis marketplace.

Key Features

  • Weight: 30 lbs (14 kg)
  • Bench-top footprint
  • Reports particle size distribution with absolute concentration
  • Concentration range: approx. 106 — 1012 particles/mL
  • Particle sizes: 40 nm to microns in diameter
  • Nanoparticles of any material type (conducting and insulating, transparent and opaque)
  • Line power (110 V and 60 Hz | 220 V and 50 Hz)
  • Resistive pulse sensing and size measurements of separate nanoparticles in fluid
  • Disposable microfluidic cartridge that prevents cross-contamination
  • Instrument control interface: USB to Windows
  • Maximum particle detection rate: approx. 10,000 particles/s
  • Dimensions: 13" wide × 13" deep × 15" high (330 mm wide × 330 mm deep × 380 mm high)


  • Streamlined process flow
  • Automated particle distribution analysis
  • Multi-dimensional data visualization
  • Proprietary signal extraction method
  • Rapid concentration measurements in any measured size range

Watch a video of the nCS1 in action!

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