nCS1 Microfluidic Cartridges

The nCS1 instrument from Spectradyne depends upon nanofabricated disposable analysis cartridges. These microfluidic devices are centered on an innovative patented nanoparticle analyzer (NPA) technology that makes use of resistive pulse sensing. This allows the electrical detection of nanoparticles as they move one by one through a nanoconstriction. A single nanoparticle is capable of raising the electrical resistance of the suspending fluid as it moves through the nanoconstriction, resulting in a voltage pulse whose size is proportionate to the nanoparticle volume and whose pulse length provides the velocity.

A variety of size cartridges offer access to a wide range of sizes of nanoparticles, ranging from 40 nm in diameter up to several micrometers.

The wide range of cartridge specifications that are available are displayed in the table below.

Part number Size range
TS-300 50-300 nm particle diameters
TS-400 65-400 nm particle diameters
TS-2000 200-2000 nm particle diameters


Watch a video of the nCS1 in action!

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