Inkjet Printing Production Platform – PiXDRO JETx

The JETx platform allows rapid configuration and building of industrial inkjet printing tools for optimum throughput, product quality, cost of ownership and reliability in 24/7 operation. The tools are based on established building blocks, proven software and more than 15 years of inkjet printing experience. In this manner it is possible to provide users with a tool that flawlessly matches their requirements, while keeping the engineering efforts low.

The JETx family comprises of both customer specific systems and application centric tools such as JETx-SMP for printing solder mask. Every JETx is based on three key functional blocks: the print engine, auxiliary functions and the base platform. They all share the same tool architecture which promises quick configuration and high reliability whether they are developed for printed and flexible electronics, OLEDs, sensors, PCB, semiconductors, chemical machining, 3D printing, photovoltaics, life science, MEMS or optical applications.

Main Advantages

  • High productivity, reliability, yield
  • Ultra-high stage accuracy
  • SECS/GEM factory automation interface
  • Clean process environment
  • Multi printhead arrays for high throughput
  • Fast replacement and calibration of print heads
  • Automatic ink supply and flush system
  • Automatic print head maintenance functions (capping, purging, wiping, spitting)
  • Compatible with solvent based (incl. nanoparticle), hot melt, aqueous and UV-curable inks

The JETx platform

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