Entry Level Rotary Evaporator – RV 8 V Package

The IKA RV 8 is an entry level rotary evaporator. It is versatile and can be used in laboratories, in the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology sector for R&D, production and quality assurance, as well as plant construction. Digital displays for speed and heating bath temperature allow for optimal control of all distilling processes.

  • Clearly visible glass display (white and black)
  • Locking mechanism: green display for locked and red for unlocked state of vapor tube
  • Lock function for the heating bath temperature
  • Manual lift with safety "lift-out-function" for precise placing of glassware
  • Water/oil heating bath with incorporated ergonomic carrying handles
  • Speed range 5 - 300 rpm
  • Single-hand operation; ambidextrous design
  • Adjustable immersion angle
  • Compatible with the full IKA RV 10 glassware range
  • Easy exchange of evaporation flasks by clamp mechanism with push-out function
  • Additional safety by low voltage (24 V) inside the unit

Scope of delivery: RV 8 V with heating bath HB 10 and vertical glassware set RV 10.1

Package includes

  • RV 8 V
  • H.SI.8 Tube
  • RC 2 basic
  • MVP 10 basic vacuum pump
  • VCV 1 Vacuum control valve manual


Technical Data
Type of cooling vertical
Cooling surface [cm2] 1500
Motor principle DC
Speed range [rpm] 5 - 300
Speed tolerance set rotation speed < 100 rpm [±rpm] 1
Speed tolerance set rotation speed > 100 rpm [±%] 1
Lift manual
Stroke [mm] 120
Heating temperature range [°C] Room temp. - 180
Heat output [W] 1300
Set temperature resolution [±K] 1
Filling volume max. [l] 3
Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm] 510 x 490 x 345
Weight [kg] 15.5
Permissible ambient temperature [°C] 5 - 40
Permissible relative humidity [%] 80
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 20
Voltage [V] 100 - 240
Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Power input [W] 1400
DC Voltage [V=] 24
Ident. No. 0010003288

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