Static Jacket Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter – C 1 Package

The C 1 static jacket oxygen bomb calorimeter represents a huge leap forward in calorimeter technology by presenting a high degree of automation in a compact design; the smallest calorimeter footprint available.

It works according to ISO 1928 and DIN 51900. The temperature readings are analyzed based on the classical isoperibol method of Regnault Pfaundler. The traditionally recognized, comparably heavy screw threaded decomposition vessel, has been replaced by an easily attachable and light combustion chamber. Due to the wide range of interfaces (PC, printer, balance) this unit is effortlessly adaptable depending on the customer's specific application needs. Additional adaption to data management and LIMS is possible with the calorimeter software C 6040 Calwin (Accessory).

The C 1 Package 1/10 comprises of the C 1 Calorimeter (inclusive standard combustion chamber C 1.10) and the cooling water supply unit RC 2 basic. The unit is available with all parts essential for setting up the unit. Wear parts and consumables are also supplied for the first approximately 500 experiments including 25 calibrations. The C 1.10 combustion chamber is provided with the C 5010.5 large crucible holder and C 6 large quartz crucible.


Technical Data
Measuring range max. [J] 40000
Measuring mode static jacket 22 °C yes
Measuring mode static jacket 30 °C yes
Measurements/h static jacket 4
Reproducibility static jacke (1g benzoic acid NBS39i) [%RSD] 0.15
Working temperature [°C] 20 - 30
Temperature measurement resolution [K] 0.0001
Cooling medium temperature [°C] 18 - 29
Cooling medium permissible operating pressure [bar] 1.5
Cooling medium tap water
Type of cooling flow
Flow rate [l/h] 50 - 60
Rec. flow rate at 18 °C [l/h] 55
Oxygen operating pressure max. [bar] 40
Interface scale RS232
Interface printer RS232
Interface PC RS232
Oxygen filling yes
Degasification yes
Decomposition vessel integrated yes
Analysis according to DIN 51900 yes
Analysis according to ISO 1928 yes
Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm] 290 x 280 x 300
Weight [kg] 15
Permissible ambient temperature [°C] 5 - 40
Permissible relative humidity [%] 80
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 20
RS 232 interface yes
USB interface yes
Voltage [V] 100 - 240
Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Power input [W] 120
Ident. No. 0010000567


C 1.12 Combustion chamber, halogen resistant, C 1.10 Combustion chamber, C 1.50 Dot matrix printer, C 1.30 Venting station, C 1.1012 Organizer, C 1.101 Set of spare parts, C 1.103 Ignition wire, C 1.123 Ignition wire platinum, C 27 Calorimeter preparation set, C 29 Pressure gauge, oxygen, RC 2 basic, RC 2 control, C 21 Pelleting press, C 5010.8 Crucible holder small, C 5010.5 Crucible holder big, C 710.4 Cotton thread, cut to length, C 710.8 Cotton thread, C 4 Quartz dish, C 5 Set of VA combustion crucibles, C 6 Quartz crucible, big, C 710.2 Set of VA combustion crucibles, C 10 Acetobutyrate capsules, C 9 Gelatin capsules, C 12 Combustion bags 40 x 35 mm, C 12 A Combustion bags 70 x 35 mm, C 15 Paraffin strips, C 16 Parafilm, C 17 Paraffin, C 43 Benzoic acid NBS 39i, C 723 Benzoic acid, blister package, C 723 Benzoic acid BIG Package, AOD 1.12 Control standard, AOD 1.11 Control standard, C 6000.1 Water protect, 100 ml.

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