Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer - isoprime precisION

Stable isotope analysis offers significant insight into different applications and delivers a better understanding of the micro and macro cycling mechanisms of the organic elements through the world around us.

As research grows into new and novel areas, answering questions one may not yet know means that an instrument which can grow with the research is needed, while ensuring the maximum performance for all analysis types.

The isoprime precisION is the highest performing stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer offering wide-ranging flexibility to move in any direction that the research leads.

Introducing a New Experience in IRMS

The isoprime precision is all about analytical power and flexibility. With simple integration of hardware and software delivered in a compact benchtop instrument, it is at the forefront of modern stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry.

The isoprime precisION forms the core of the system; a starting point from which to expand the research. Maximize the possible analyses with the system by selecting any combination of inlet systems and automatically switch between them using the centrION Continuous Flow Interface System which is directly incorporated into the instrument.

But perhaps the research topic demands something else? Then one can interface isoprime precisION to their modified experimental system with the innovative Novel Inlet Control Module (NICM) which offers considerable control of extra I/O with the elegant Method Workflow Designer. Incorporating multi-collector arrays with tailored amplification resistor configurations will drive the experiment even further.

Providing against possible future research needs is simple when one has an instrument which performs to maximum levels. The isoprime precisION offers maximum gas ionization performance and mass resolution all in the most compact footprint possible.

isoprime precisION Flexibility

An extensive portfolio of peripheral inlet systems is available which are designed especially for stable isotope analysis. The choice of inlet system is based on experimental requirements but whichever inlet is selected, one can be sure that the samples are handled exactly and faithfully with completely no isotope fractionation. Full automation and switching makes isoprime precisION the most dynamic and flexible stable isotope mass spectrometer ever built.

Elemental Analysis

Conversion of bulk inorganics and organic in liquid and solid sample matrices to pure gases before isotope analysis.


Column separation of intricate organic mixtures using GC & LC methods and converted in real time to sample gases.


Preparation, separation and analysis of air, liquid, breath and carbonate samples prepared into septum sealed vials.

Gas Analysis

Concentration and separation of a range of gaseous sample types before isotope analysis.

Driven by lyticOS® Software Suite

isoprime precisION

The lyticOS® Software Suite operates along with the isoprime precisION and centrION to offer an unparalleled level of intelligent control. Designed totally from the ground up and extensively for stable isotope analysis, lyticOS® is the most advanced yet simple software suite ever built. Its clean user interface belies the level of superiority within, giving users unsurpassed capabilities to produce excellent data with ease.

A robust yet simple tool, lyticOS® delivers a huge opportunity for user’s laboratory. With full control of the hardware and simple programming with the Method Workflow Designer, one can continue increasing the research horizons over time.

Key Features of the isoprime precisION

  • 100 V amplification for large dynamic range samples with auto resistor switching
  • Simultaneous measurement of up to 10 ion beams spanning a ±25% mass range for multi-collector experiments
  • Better gas ionization performance of 1100 molecules / ion (CO2 in CF mode)
  • Enhanced mass resolution of 110 m/Δm (@ 10% valley separation)
  • lyticOS® Method Workflow Designer for developing bespoke control of an instrument
  • Handles up to six monitoring gases and five inlets with centrION Continuous Flow Interface System
  • Vacuum grade stainless steel analyzer for the maximum vacuum performance with optional bakeout
  • Automatic control of all aspects of the hardware with lyticOS®
  • Tailored DAC dual resistor configurations for non-standard isotopomer distributions
  • Instant instrument status recognition with color LED warnings

Small Footprint - Nearly 50% smaller than any other commercial stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer

Great Flexibility - Full integration of all inlet systems, including novel inlets

High Sensitivity - Analyze the most difficult samples with remarkably high ion source sensitivity

High Data Quality - Achieve the maximum analytical performance with the most precise instrument available

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